Monday, December 7, 2009

Riley is FOUR!!!

My little baby turned four on December 2nd. I can't believe it how fast time goes. I look at her and remember when my water broke, waking Johnny up at four in the morning scared to death about c-sections and all that entails becoming a first time mommy. But, now I see how smart, beautiful, and joy she is and it makes me smile. She went from a newborn to a little girl a baby to a girl who is starting to read.

For her birthday she decided to have a High School Musical party at the gymnastics arena where she currently takes gymnastics. She wore her halloween costume (high school musical cheerleader),had all the decorations as High School Musical, and the cake from Target was awesome. We had 15 kids there and they all seemed to have a blast. I will tell you that I am so glad that birthdays only come once a year. They can be very tiring especially when people rsvp at the last min.

Reese also had a birthday on the day of Riley's party. She turned 8 months old. She now has 4 teeth and is working on some more. She still isn't really crawling really well she does the army crawl but she gets around. The kid loves to stand wherever she is. She will just stand holding onto something for the longest time. If you pull her away boy she will let you know...put her back!!! The best is that Reese now says ma ma. I will say it and she mimics me and smiles. I love it.

Now that we have a computer fixed thanks to my very smart husband I will hopefully get some pictures I haven't in a long time.

Friday, November 13, 2009

So little time

Do you ever feel like you don't have enough time in the day to get all of the stuff done that you need to do? Sometimes I wish that there were more of me especially now that I have two children. It so hard to keep track of everyone's schedules and make sure that I am where I am suppose to be at the right time. I am a very planned person and if it weren't for the weekly calendar posted on the fridge I would be so lost. Although, my husband tends to throw curve balls at me all the time that keep him from being home for hours on end and leaving me to rework the schedule that I have painstakingly put together. I am notorious for wearing myself out. I run too much, I workout too much, I play too much tennis, I don't get enough sleep, I don't eat enough....and on top of all this I am a mom first and foremost 23/7 and wouldn't change it for the world. I do get flustered when I am trying to bathe Riley and Reese is sitting on the floor crying because she wants her mommy to hold her. Or I am trying to get lunch togeter and Reese has just puked all over me. I know you mom's out there have lived through all of this. I just want to bury my head and cry sometimes. It can be overwhelming but then I realize this is the path that I am suppose to be on. My kids are both so bright and healthy. They are well taken care of and are happy. That is what is most important, not the lack of sleep or the puke on my shoes...its the smiles on those two beautiful faces (that look like their mommy).

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Turning 30.

I hit a major milestone on Oct, 3rd. I turned the big 3..0. I wasn't in denial, I wasn't upset, it was just weird. When Johnny and I started dating I was 23 and he was 26. I made fun of him for being so closed to 30 and here I was turning 30. The day started off not so great. The night before I was from 2:30 until 5:30 and then up again with the girls at 7:30. Johnny had told me I could sleep in but he had played poker that night and he was up late the night before and had to be in Paulding County for a soccer game which is not close to where we live. I got up and got the girls ready for the day. I took Ry to her soccer game which was a lot of fun. I promised her if she touched the ball just once I would buy her some candy corn. Not only did she touch the ball she actually dribbled a few times. This is a huge difference from the other weeks. I think she is actually starting to like soccer. Her friend Sam scored a goal and it was fantastic. We left right away after the game and bought some candy corn. At home I played with the girls outside while Johnny rested, then it was my turn to rest. I slept so hard even though it was only for a bit. Just enough. Then it was time to get ready. We were having a get together at Pure which is a mexican resturant in downtown Woodstock (there is also one in Alpharetta). We got there a little early along with my mom and dad. They have a fantastic outside patio with couches and a nice bar. We ate chips and salsa and had a few drinks. Some of my friends and their spouses came out as well and had a great time at dinner (recommend the fish tacos) then we ventured back to the neighborhood to a neighbor's house. We had a fantastic time and I have yet to feel any different at 20 then I have ever before. I actually feel like an adult. For my present I was told to go shopping. I bought a few things but not done yet :). My goal is to wear clothes that actually fit me I tend to buy things a little too big just because I have a horrible body image. But, on my birthday day dinner I looked cute or at least I thought I did. I can't wait to finish my shopping. Hope that everyone who is about turn 30 has a blast just like I did.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

The wonders of a four month old!!

Reese just turned for months old last Wed. I couldn't believe it. Then this past saturday she rolled over all the way for the first time. She had been trying and trying just getting stuck on her arm being tucked under her. Then finally she rolled and got her arm unstuck. I was so proud I clapped for her and she looked up at me like did I do something? I almost cried. Now it starts. She is going to start scooting and then crawling. She isn't an infant any more a full fledge baby. She is fantastic!!! Tomorrow we embark on a new doctor for her. She has to see a pediatric opthomologist. The pediatrician thinks that she may have a bit of a lazy eye. Looking at her I don't see anything wrong, but if he does then I am going to do as he says. I would go all over creation if they told me to because it would keep my baby healthy. I hope every parent out there would. My kids mean so much to me and I am very lucky and I pinch myself because I don't know where in my life I would be if I didn't have them.

Along with this Johnny starts another school year tomorrow at Harrison. He is very excited and is ready to start. Ry doesn't start until the 17th, but we have a meet an greet tomorrow and then open house later in the week. I'm so excited for her she will be going four days a week three hours at a time. Then I will be watching a classmate of hers for two of those days, and taking both girls to gymnastics. It will be good for her to have a playmate and the girls seem to get along great.

Now all we need is fall weather:)

Friday, July 17, 2009

4 years!!

Johnny and I celebrated our four year wedding anniversary yesterday. We decided to go to Bluepointe for sushi. I had never had sushi and was so excited. Their sushi was awesome to say the least, and I handled chop sticks. We had a california roll, super crunch, and a spider roll. I had planned on only sushi but Johnny insisted that I get an entre. I orderd Phad Thia noodles which they told me was spicey but for me they would make it mild. Yeah right! My mouth was on fire. I tried everything to cool it down but it wasn't happening. I told Johnny that I just couldn't do it, I couldn't eat it. The waitress was great she said "Don't eat what you can't" and she brought me the spider sushi roll which I loved. Oh, if you go there try there Blutinis. They are blueberry and blackberry martinis they are soooo good. I am not much of a drinker only once in a blue moon or on special occasions like this one so when I say something is good you beter believe it. After dinner we went to downtown Roswell they were having a festival type event, Alive After Five. All the shops were open and there were drinks and food. People were everywhere we couldn't believe how crowded it was. It was fun just to walk around and go into the shops. We even just sat on a park bench and people watched. We left and came home and played scrabble our favorite game to play against each other. I love it because I usually win and he has his masters in english education...go figure. It was a great night just to go out and have a date. We hadn't been on a date since Valentine's Day so it ment a lot.

Every time we have an anniversary I remeber our wedding day, how all the events went down, and the stress of it all. My hair was the biggest issue the girl didn't do it right and my bridesmaids especially Chelsea and Kristen came to the rescue and fixed it. Natalie standing up for me and when my mom and I got into a huge arguement. The rain right before I was suppose to walk outside and see Johnny standing under the gazebo. Instead we got married inside where we were suppose to have our reception. At least it wasn't hot in there. In all it was one of the best days of my life and I am so greatful to have the memories and celebrate with every passing year.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

My dad!!!

Two summers ago I got a phone call from dad, a phone call I will never forget. He said that he had some funny feelings in his arm and he had gone to the doctor who then sent him to a neurologist. The news wasn't good. They told him that he had Parkinsons Disease. The first thing out of his mouth was that it wasn't genetic and that I shouldn't worry about getting it. I didn't care about that. I wanted to take it away so that he wouldn't have it knowing that there wasn't a cure. He had a slight tremor in his arm and wouldn't really notice it unless he was stressed. He would actually would hold his arm down so that people wouldn't notice. Two years later it has gotten progressively worse. His arm now shakes and he can't hold it down and he says that he can feel it slightly in his leg to the point that his calf hurts. However, you can't see it in his leg. This diesease has so many facets to it its unreal. The doctors said that he could have gotten it because he grew up on a farm and drank well water. If only he hadn't. The good thing is his spirit. My father has the best humor and spirit of anyone I know. He is very very laid back and lets life come at him as is. He isn't the type to say woo is me and just keeps going. He in fact is still working and is going to continue until he is unable to maintain his balance and so forth. I love watching him with my kids the girls just love him so much. My wish would be that there would be a cure for this before he gets really bad so that holding my baby wouldn't be an issue for him. Right now he is cautious but once he gets comfortable he holds and you know she just loves him. I love him as well and hope that there will be many more father's days ahead for him.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Summer time!!!!

Thursday was Rileys last day of preschool for the year. SAD!!! Her class had a great party beach themed and very fancy. The kids left with so many goodies it was sick. When I got home I literally had to make two trips to the car to carrying everything in. For the party I said that I would make cookies. I would like to share my Marth Stewart momment with everyone. I asked Riley what kind of cookies she would like mommy to make she said something with m-n-m's basically her favorite candy. So, I thought it would be neat to make the cookies and spell the kids name in the candy. Great idea until I started making them. Riley has some really long names in her class so needless to say some of the cookies where HUGE and I mean HUGE. Hello one of the names is Baileigh Jo. They were so big that when Johnny came home from school that day he laughed at me yes laughed at me. I was so upset because they took me so long to make. I then wrapped them in plastic wrap and put name tags on that I had made off of clip art (cute little fish bowls since they were the goldfish class). I was scared to take them to the party because I didn't want the parent's to laugh at them. The kids however, loved them. They thought they were neat especially because they had their names on them. One little boy ran up and hugged my leg and told me thank you, which made me feel ten times better. Even the parent's loved them. I will never make them again. Next time I will just use their first initial. All that matters is that the kids liked them and the party was great.

Friday was Johnny's first official day of summer. It was great we went out to the neighborhood pool and Ry had a blast. She is really loving the fact that her daddy is home. He hung to moon in her eyes and is totally her hero. I love the fact that he takes such an interest in her life. She also had her last dance lesson that day for the summer and she actually jumped up and down when he walked through the door. It was such and AWE momment.

We are trying to plan for a trip to Florida and have been offered the use of a FREE stuido apartment right on the beach (New Smyrna). It is super close to my brother and sister and law and I think it would be great for us to get away as a family. We weren't able to go anywhere last summer because Johnny was finishing up getting his masters at KSU and then was pressed to find a job, plus I also found out I was preggers then. Johnny however, thinks it won't be a vacation because of the baby. He thinks that she is too young. I think this is the time we should go she eats, sleeps, and poops. She does have her fussy time but it only last no longer then an hour and its usually because she is overly tired. Mommy likes to keep her outside and in the fresh air and sometimes she has a hard time taking a decent nap. I think we should go its FREE!!! We would be insane to pass it up.

That is about it for now. Reese is almost two months old (this friday) and is doing great. I am doing well as is the rest of the fam. and will post more as the summer goes forward. I am so excited for the warm weather and what this summer is going to bring.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Over a month old!!!

As of last tuesday Reese was a month old. I can't believe how time flies. We are trying to get her used to sleeping her crib. There is improvement everyday with that. Can't wait until she sleeps through the night. I know its early for that but a girl can wish.

For mother's day Johnny gave me a kid free weekend. I was so excited I got to go off and do whatever I wanted. I went to the gym and played cardio tennis. I also got to go to the outlet mall with my mom. We were there forever but it was nice getting to go into any store I wanted and not listening to whinning. Ry usually is a great shopping partner but sometimes its rough. The next day Sunday I went running on the trails that are near my home and then took Ry with me to the Avenue. That was fun until my husband called reminding me that we were suppose to eat dinner in 15 min at his mom's house. I dropped everything I was doing and flew over there for a great dinner. So there was my mother's day weekend. It was so nice.

I also had my post partum appointment today. I am done having kids physically (Johhny and I have talked about adopting in the near future)and wanted to know about my options for birth control. Well the doctor first said we have to check your cervix by dialation to see if we can even insert an iud or the coils. Let me tell you people that was not fun. I think that was the first time I ever said ouch several times at the OBGYN. When he said slight pinch and cramp that is what I thought it would be. WRONG!!! It hurt for another 30 min after the fact. Well I have a condition called cervical stenosus or something rather, I can't spell those medical terms. Which simply means my cervix has narrowed and they wouldn't be able to insert any form of birth control. So back on the pill I go. I must say I was some what disappointed but oh well. It is what it is.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I haven't written in a while and so now is the time to update! Reese is starting to fill out and not look like a new born so much. I can't believe that she will almost be a month old in a few days. I broke down and bought her the dreaded pacifier the other day. I have issues with them. I can't stand when I see a four year old with one in his mouth talking to his mother. How in the world can you understand him with that thing in his mouth. Riley never used one. She self soothed by sucking her thumb which she broke herself of. But, Reese is different just like every other child and needed something. I noticed this when I took her to pick Ry up from school. I had fed, burped multiple times, and changed her before we went. As soon as I got to the school which is ten min from my house she started to scream. I put my pinkie in her mouth and she stopped instantly. Later on that night I left her with Johnny to go take a class at the gym and when I got home he said that when she got fussy she would suck on his hand. With Ry in toe we went to get the paci. I let Ry pick them out and when we got home we gave them to her and you could tell she was so happy to have something. I did tell Johnny though that I would only use them for a few months. I wasn't going to let it get out of control. As of right now they seem to help so that is what is important. Other than that things are good. I am still not sleeping a whole lot. I did stop breast feeding after three weeks because she is a snacker and would be up every hour on the hour to eat. I couldn't take it anymore so I decided to quit. With the formula she sleeps a good three to four hours. I can't complain its pretty good. She sometimes though is up more at night then during the day like a lot of newborns go through getting the days and nights mixed up. She will sort it out. I already started a bed time routine with her so we will see how that goes. I am just so thankful that she is here and that she is healthy and the most beautiful baby that I have seen:)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Almost 2 weeks!

Time flies by after you have a child. Reese is already almost two weeks old. Its strange to think about how long you actually carry something with you and in a blink of an eye they are here and growing so fast. I look at her every day in amazement and then I look at Riley who was just that small yesterday or so it seems and now she is three years old, it just kills me. This week has been a little different since Johnny started back at work. I have handled everything so well. It has been easier this time around then with the first. I don't mind as much getting up in the middle of the night as much as I did with Riley. I actually tend to enjoy it a little bit. I do admit the other night though I don't know if I even slept and don't ask me about Reese because I don't know if she did either. It was a blur. Last night though I was smart skipped the gym and went to bed. It was the best sleep ever. I will post some of the pictures that we have taken of Reese since her arrival. Everyone that sees her says she looks like Johnny more. He finally has his claim to fame since Riley favors me more. Reese is fair and has strawberry blond hair like her dad. Her eyes are even not as dark as Riley's. I know its really early to tell but I am excited that she resembles her daddy. Anyway, you guys can form your own oppinion on that one.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Reese Marie Jackson is here!!!!

So, she is here our little bundle of joy Reese Marie. I wanted to have her over spring break and I truly got my wish. This past Friday evening I felt like I was starting to have a few contractions. Nothing huge just a few. I was also sick and didn't know that if all the coughing was why my stomach was hurting. I contemplated calling the doctor and didn't. The next day Saturday Riley got invited to a friends birthday party over by my parent's house. I was still not feeling good and decided to not to go with Johnny to his step-sister's dinner rehersal for her wedding. Instead after the birthday party I went to my parent's house to have Riley play with my niece and I could relax a little bit. While I was there I started to have contractions and by the advice from my mother I called the doctor. The mid-wife called me back (which I didn't really care for since I never deal with mid wives) and told me to drink two big glasses of water, lay down for a couple of hours, and if they subside then don't call back but if they are still strong then call back because they can't do a c-section unless you are 4 to 5 cent. dialated. Which is a bunch of crock.....because there are several people who don't even dialate and that is why they have to have a c-section. But, regardless I did as she instructed. I was still having them but was kinda scared to call back because I had a feeling that they were just going to send me home.

But, the mid wife told me to come on in and they would check me. When I got here intially my cervix was not fully closed but was a little funky. The nurse could get her fingers in there but I still closed a good bit. They hooked me up to the fetal monitor and told me that as long as I was still contracting then there would be a good possibility of having her. Two hours later they came and did a sonogram to make sure she hadn't turned because her they found her heart beat lower then you would a breach baby but she was still breached and they checked my cervix. Which was now 2 1/2 to 3 cent dialated and I was 80 percent effaced. They called the doctor on call and then came back and told me that I would be having her after mid night because I had eaten dinner.

From seven thirty until twelve twenty I sat in a room and just had a ton of contractions and coughing fits. I was scared of having a c-section while being sick but she was coming and there was no stopping her. They wheeled me back and gave me a spinal block which numbed my whole body, brought Johnny back and in ten min she was here, beautiful as ever. The doctor who by the way had no bed side manor what so ever had told my mom or mom overheard her say that it was a super easy c-section. It was she didn't use staples like I had with Riley which I hated. She used disovable sutchers which were easier for me to stand and walk with.

The only thing I am having problems with now is the coughing. I don't do it as much but when I have to it hurts pretty bad. They have me on Robotessin or however you spell it. It seems to help and I am slowly getting better. I only cough maybe a few times a day but believe me that is enough.

Reese is doing great her white blood cell count was a little high so they put her on a iv with and antibiotic to see if that would level it out, and it has worked. She is so laid back and pretty much eat, sleeps, and poop. She looks a lot like her big sister but fairer an her hair is a little strawberry blond thanks to her father. Perfect!!!!

We should be going home today if everything works as it should.

Reese Marie Jackson April 5, 2009 6lbs 13 oz. 18 1/4 inch.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Well, I went to the doctor this past Monday. He asked me if I still wanted to have a "trial of labor", I said yes unless she was head up. I then asked if he could tell me and he said for sure. He then checked my cervix and looked a little confused. He then put his hands on my belly and said that he thought she was head up. They then brought the sonogram machine in and lubed me up. Before I knew it I was staring at her little face looking right at me. He then said that he would have to wait for the hospital to send out their schedule before he could schedule my c-section. My doctor was really sympathetic and sweet about it because he knew that I wanted to try. But, at this point I am fine with it. I have heard from several different people that the second c-section is so much easier then the first, and i didn't have a hard time at all with the first. I am just glad that I know where she is at and the lump that I feel is actually her head. The doctor said that he would try to schedule my c-section closer to my due date which is April 23 but that history could repeat it self with her coming early like Riley (who was 2 1/2 weeks early).

Since that day I was starting to get congested and have gotten progressively worse as the week has wore on. I even have an ear ache from my sinus drainage which I haven't had one in forever. Being sick is no fun especially when you are preggers and all you can do is take Sudafed and hope and pray that it ends soon. By now I am doing better but my stomach hurts from coughing so much but Reese is a trooper and is moving about to let me know that she is ok. The one good think about being sick is that I haven't been going to the gym. I have taken three whole days off which is huge for me., since I am there usually every day. At least for now I don't have Johnny telling me that I need to take it easy because I am!!!!!

Well, hopefully baby Reese will make her appearance soon and I will keep everyone posted as when she does!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Every Week!!!

I haven't updated in a few so I should go ahead and tell whats going on. Johnny is more mobile walking around the house without crutches and uses only one while he is at school. He is now able to go swimming which is awesome. I went to the doctor and they didn't tell me much. I go back on March 30 and hopefully they will tell me what position Reese is in. I try to feel but all I feel are lumps and everything is so hard so I am not sure what is going on. I did however, get the nursery completed. I had the crib for awhile but after the store told me that the dresser I originally purchased was on back order until April 27 I decided to change my order. Luckily, the store complied since the were the ones that told me it only took 3 to 4 weeks to get. Of coarse when my parents came to carry the thing upstairs my mom noticed a huge scratch on it. The store did send someone to fix it and the dresser is full and everything looks good. Riley is I think excited to see her baby sister. Although, she insists that she is not sharing any of her toys. I think she has that intuition that the baby is coming. She has been sort of a pill and gets upset and clings to me. Its going to be a transition for all of us. Let's pray that it will be easy. I will update more as soon as I get back from the doc. I can't wait. If I could have gone the next day you bet your butt I would have been there with bells on!!!!

Friday, February 27, 2009

A better week!

After a stressful week ending with Johnny going to the hospital because his blood pressure was dangerously high this week has been very mellow. Which I am very greatful. I went to the doc on Monday and they did a non stress test because during the stressful week I hardly felt baby Reese move. But, it came back fine and she is doing well. The nurse said that it may had to do with stress and that I just wasn't paying attention. Johnny is doing much better and is able to more and more on his own everyday. I am still having to get up with him and help him get dressed, make his lunch, breakfest, and out of the door. He did call me after his physical therapy today and said that he can put more weight on his foot. He was really excited as was I. Just a quick note!!!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

A stressful week!

Well Johnny finally had his surgery. We got up really early last Monday and I drove Johnny to Harrison so he could get some final work done and then we drove down to Emory Sports Medicine where he was to have his surgery. They took him back at 10:30 for pre op. They told me that it would take a total of 2 hours starting around 12. I left him with a kiss and had to go get some lunch. I came back thinking that it would soon be over but 3:30 rolled around and the lady at the front desk told me he was still in surgery. I couldn't believe it I was so tired and there were only three magazines in the whole place. I think I got my fill of CNN for a life time. Finally they told me that he was out and that I would be able to go back in few. When I did he was in a lot of pain. The doc. said his knee was a mess. They were able to repair his menscus with a few stitches and that is why it took longer then they thought because it was totally flipped forward. He also started to have a bit of bone damage. So needless to say it was bad. But around 5 we finally left for the the trek home. I set him up a bed in the living room and got him situated thank goodness for percocet. My mother in law also brought over a twin mattress for him to use if need be. Riley uses it more to practice her gymnastics!

Tuesday was a rough day for me. I went to the gym and then hurried back home to check on Johnny. I couldn't leave him for long lengths of time because he would need help getting to the bathroom, etc. At the same time Riley decided to drag out every toy imaginable from the front closet into the foyer. Everytime I went to clean it up Johnny would call for me to help him. I started to hate my name Traci. Couldn't be it Helen or something for a few min. I went to go sit in my bathroom just for a few min to take a break I was starting to get exhausted. It doesn't help that I am about to pop out another kid.

Wed. was a little better so I guess. I had to get up super early in the morning get Riley up dressed, breakfest and all that jazz. Then I had to do the same for Johnny plus myself. All of us got in the car and off we went down back to Emory so they could check out his knee. They said that it looks great and everything should start to heal really well. He starts to do physical therapy next week and needed to start putting weight on it. They still didn't want him to shower until Friday. I washed him a little bit but not too much.

Thursday was when everything started to really wear me down. Johnny decided he wanted to get of the house for a bit to go to Riley's gymnastics class with us. He hadn't been off of the couch in a while and I agreed it would be good for him. I got his clothes changed in into the car. While we were there I triped over his crutches while carrying Riley and fell. I hit my head up against the wall and landed straight on my knee cap. I thought I was going to die it hurt so bad not only that but I was worried about Reese that she was ok. I held back the tears until we got into the car and then bawled my eyes out because it hurt it so bad. Luckily Riley decided she wanted a nap so when we got home I iced my knee and cried myself to sleep. Needless to say it wasn't as bad as I thought just a bad bruise.

Friday...everything is getting easier. It mainly has been rough because of being pregnant. But, he was able to get up the stairs even though I had to help wash him. I drove to Canton twice in order to get him a handicapped parking pass so now he can start to attempt to drive. I am starting to get a cold which is probably just because I am worn out but once again if maybe I would stop going to the gym and take a breather it would be ok. But, that isn't my mind set it never has been. We went to Harrison last night so he could coach the jv soccer team. It was sooo cold but luckily being the coach's wife I got to sit in the press box with Ry, but forgot that I had to carry the sleeping three year old down the bleachers and back to the car which I was reminded by my mother that I should not be doing. But, who else is going to do it.

Hopefully, as Johnny regains strength it will get easier. I go to the doctor this coming Monday for my 32 week check up and I am hoping that everything is ok. I feel bad because with everything that has been going on I feel as if I have neglected Reese. I try to talk to her as much as I can but sometime I forget until I feel her move then I am reminded of her.

Sorry about the long post it has just been a stressful week!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Down to two weeks!!!

I went to the doc yesterday and I am now down to going every two weeks. They haven't checked me yet to see if she is head down or not. I am thinking it maybe my next appointment because if she is not and they think she isn't going to turn then I am going to schedule my c-section. Baby Reese is going strong and has a great heartbeat. Riley got to hear it for the first time and got really excited she can't wait for her baby sister to come out. I also really appreciate all the comments from people stating how small I am. It makes me feel great about the way I have taken care of myself. I only hope and pray that I can have a V-Bac. I really really want to try. Even though I hear from other people all the time that I am nuts for wanting to go through it all but I honestly feel if I can that I should give it a try. I experienced labor with Riley and experienced more pain playing soccer then I did with her labor.

Not only being pregnant, but I am also dealing with Johnny and his knee. He is gearing up for surgery for next Monday. If all goes well then hopefully he will be up and back to normal in no time. We should see:)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

The knee saga continues!

Johnny got his mri results back today and they confirmed that he did more damage. He tore his menescus or however you spell it. The doctor told him that he can't fix it that he can only shave it done. This won't hurt his recovery or mobility which is good. The bad thing is it may cause artheritis sooner in his knee because there is less cushion there. He is on board for surgery on Feb. 16th and no sooner because the doctor can't do it any sooner. After the surgery he will then have to be on crutches for 4 to 6 weeks before recovery starts. That probably means that he will be on crutches when the baby is born. At this point I am just happy that he is going through with the surgery and I am trying to be as supportive as I can. He is really upset at the first doctor that he saw because the doctor told him that he can't do anymore damage to his knee since he tore his acl. That is a bunch of hooey since there is so much that goes on in your knees. As for me and the baby she is doing great as far as I know. I go the doctor on the 9th and will know more then. I am finally sticking good out there. A lot of people told me that I finally have popped out there. I am getting ready for her to come and she couldn't come soon enough. Riley is getting ready too she is so excited to be a big sister. She is noticing babies more and more and wants to hold them and feed them. That is all for now!

Sunday, January 18, 2009


I am so thankful to say that Johnny finally went to the doctor. This doctor is located near Emory can came highly recommended. I was so excited that he actually went. The doctor now thinks that he has torn more than his acl and will have to go in for another mri later on this week. If the swelling goes down and they get the mri results he may go in as soon as Feb. 6th for the surgery. The sooner the better as its getting closer and closer to when baby Reese will make her appearance. We are all praying that the can get it done then. If not he has two other dates the later being March 6th. I will keep an update going on this as this is so important to all of us.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

The holidays

Oh my gosh. Christmas this year was crazy with all the toys, toys, and more toys. It really looked like Santa puked on our house. Ry was just so happy with everything that she got and I do believe that she appreciated all of it. We had about three days of opening presents which to me was just exhausting. The opening went on right up until New Years Eve when Johnny's dad and his girlfriend left our home and headed back to Indiana. We spent New Years Eve just hanging out the two of us. I watched the locator on WE network and bawled my eyes out for two straight hours. I tried to shut it off but this guy just is so warm hearted and really wants to reconnect these loved ones. Oh you should watch it if you want to cry. I was able to get my New Years kiss and then off to bed. Now we have Johnny's older brother and his wife and two dogs to go and visit. After taking down all the Christmas decor we are heading over his mom's house for dinner.

I am starting to have really bad acid reflux which probably means that Reese has hair. I suffered through this with Ry when I was preggers with her. It just comes with the territory. I try not to eat chocolate but come on I am preggers and its just so good. But, thank you to saltines and sprite my two new best friends. I have my glucose tolerance test on Friday which I am not looking forward to but know that I only have to suffer for a little while. Then its my first doubles tennis match of the season on Sunday. I played the other night and did really well. I think Reese maybe a tennis player and Ry a soccer player. That would be sooo cool. But, anyway once I get a chance to look through the camera hopefully I will be able to post some holiday pictures.