Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I haven't written in a while and so now is the time to update! Reese is starting to fill out and not look like a new born so much. I can't believe that she will almost be a month old in a few days. I broke down and bought her the dreaded pacifier the other day. I have issues with them. I can't stand when I see a four year old with one in his mouth talking to his mother. How in the world can you understand him with that thing in his mouth. Riley never used one. She self soothed by sucking her thumb which she broke herself of. But, Reese is different just like every other child and needed something. I noticed this when I took her to pick Ry up from school. I had fed, burped multiple times, and changed her before we went. As soon as I got to the school which is ten min from my house she started to scream. I put my pinkie in her mouth and she stopped instantly. Later on that night I left her with Johnny to go take a class at the gym and when I got home he said that when she got fussy she would suck on his hand. With Ry in toe we went to get the paci. I let Ry pick them out and when we got home we gave them to her and you could tell she was so happy to have something. I did tell Johnny though that I would only use them for a few months. I wasn't going to let it get out of control. As of right now they seem to help so that is what is important. Other than that things are good. I am still not sleeping a whole lot. I did stop breast feeding after three weeks because she is a snacker and would be up every hour on the hour to eat. I couldn't take it anymore so I decided to quit. With the formula she sleeps a good three to four hours. I can't complain its pretty good. She sometimes though is up more at night then during the day like a lot of newborns go through getting the days and nights mixed up. She will sort it out. I already started a bed time routine with her so we will see how that goes. I am just so thankful that she is here and that she is healthy and the most beautiful baby that I have seen:)

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