Sunday, August 9, 2009

The wonders of a four month old!!

Reese just turned for months old last Wed. I couldn't believe it. Then this past saturday she rolled over all the way for the first time. She had been trying and trying just getting stuck on her arm being tucked under her. Then finally she rolled and got her arm unstuck. I was so proud I clapped for her and she looked up at me like did I do something? I almost cried. Now it starts. She is going to start scooting and then crawling. She isn't an infant any more a full fledge baby. She is fantastic!!! Tomorrow we embark on a new doctor for her. She has to see a pediatric opthomologist. The pediatrician thinks that she may have a bit of a lazy eye. Looking at her I don't see anything wrong, but if he does then I am going to do as he says. I would go all over creation if they told me to because it would keep my baby healthy. I hope every parent out there would. My kids mean so much to me and I am very lucky and I pinch myself because I don't know where in my life I would be if I didn't have them.

Along with this Johnny starts another school year tomorrow at Harrison. He is very excited and is ready to start. Ry doesn't start until the 17th, but we have a meet an greet tomorrow and then open house later in the week. I'm so excited for her she will be going four days a week three hours at a time. Then I will be watching a classmate of hers for two of those days, and taking both girls to gymnastics. It will be good for her to have a playmate and the girls seem to get along great.

Now all we need is fall weather:)