Monday, December 27, 2010


This month is full of excitement. It always starts off with a bang because its Riley birthday month. She turned 5 this year on December 2nd. I took a cookie cake for her class so they could celebrate her bday with her. We had a birthday party at Miss Mamie's cupcakes on the Marietta Square. All the kids were able to come and enjoyed decorating their cupcakes and drinking apple juice out of water goblets. She insisted that all the kids wear their Sunday best:) I was so excited how it turned out. Then of coarse starts the Christmas season. Johnny and Ry for the past few years have gone tree shopping..usually the Sunday after her birthday. They went this year and picked the best tree I think we have ever had..thanks to Big John's!!! After they get the tree and Johnny hooks it into the stand its our tradition that Riley and I decorate it. Its always fun decorating a tree with a child because they want to stick all the ornaments on one branch and you can always tell how tall they are because the ornaments go as far as they can reach and below:)

Christmas was great this year because Riley understood in great detail what Christmas was truely about...not about us but about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!!! She was so excited about celebrating his birthday.

On Christmas Eve my mother in law came over and we started opening presents with her.The kids were so excited about all their new toys and pj's. It was a great start to what was to come. The kids spread their reindeer food over the lawn, Riley said good bye to her elf "Bonnie", and it was off to bed to await Santa's arrival.

Riley came and got me up bright and early Saturday morning and as she came down the stairs she spotted something that took her breath away. The BARBIE DREAMHOUSE!!!! She was so excited and started playing right away not even noticing what was under the tree. She said I guess Santa thought Reese and I were really good this year. Once Reese was up we started opening presents. She was so excited she got her American girl doll...the one that looks like her and some outfits for it and other toys. Reese did good as well racking up Mickey and Minnie toys...her favorite. We then as a family sang "Happy Birthday to Jesus". Oh my husband was equally good to me this year as well...he bought me the colored nook, my new running shoes (marathon training starts Jan 1) and new soccer shoes. I was surprised by the shoes since I had my last pair stollen and was happy just playing in my tennis shoes. I bought him a document camera to use in his classroom...I hope he finds it usefull.

Then it was off in the snow to my parent's house. Where the kids had even more gifts. My mom made Riley a bed for her doll and its so beautiful and very pink and girly so much like Riley herself. Reese got the dancing star Mickey and was so excited and couldn't stop dancing. We hung out there until Reese woke up from her nap and drove home admiring the snow that was falling.

It was def. a long day as the kids slept in pretty late on Sunday but as soon as everyone was awake I bundled them up and took them outside to go sleding. My neighbor and good friend has two boys and sleds so with my two girls the four of them had a blast...and even took turns going down with Reese in their laps. The day was spent playing with friends and exploring everything that they had received.

I hope that everyone had a great holiday and was able to take a break from the busy lives that we all lead and enjoy good company and reflect on how wonderful life is, and how we wouldn't be where we are today if it wasn't for him:)