Sunday, February 28, 2010

They are on loan!

Yesterday was a tearful day for both Johnny and I. We spent the afternoon at St. Peter Chanel Catholic Church in Roswell honoring the life of Miss Merrill King. She passed away from complications due to Cancer earlier in the week. She had been batteling this disease for the past 6 years. Johnny and I met Merrill when she was 11and in remission. We coached her a few seasons in soccer and what a remarkable young lady she was. Nothing could get her down she was a ray of sunshine. The mass was beautiful and packed with people who loved this child. Johnny and I were both doing well keeping it together until her older sister (who isn't that much older then her) gave the Eulogy. That is when we were both blowing snot bubbles out of our noses. After the mass they had a luncheon at the hall in the church where they had a slide show of pictures set up to music. Again when the baby pictures appeared nothing but tears from me. It hit home really hard for me. Made me want to wrap my arms around my own two girls and never let go. Merrill also has a little brother and the three of them where so close. I had told Johnny that I hope Reese and Riley are like that. After the slideshow was over Johnny and I talked to a ton of people that we haven't see for awhile. We coached several of the girls that were friends and classmates of Merrill and of coarse they were there along with their parents. I told Johnny that before we left I wanted to talk to Merrill's mom whose name happens to be Tracy as well. We were there for a long time the crowd had shrunk and I made my way towards Mrs. King. I hugged her and told her that it was so beautiful. She thanked us both for coming that playing soccer under us was one of Merrill's favorite things and she still talked about frequently. We talked about Riley and Reese because she didn't know we had another baby. She looked at me and said love those kids as much as you can because they are just on loan. Such strong words from such a strong woman!!!