Sunday, October 23, 2011

Falling Into Fall!

We have been so busy and have had so much fun this fall!!! Riley just finished her fall soccer seasn scoring several and I mean several goals. She has become such a good soccer player, from season to season. She has truely enjoyed school and being in Kindergarten. We attended her fall festival/mega party which she sold enough cookie dough to get into the party for free. Earlier in the year she received the great award of Kindergartner of the month. She got her picture on the wall in the school, in the All Around Woodstock magazine, and she got to say the pledge at school. To top it all off her bottom front teeth are loose. Its crazy how fast she has grown up and now we are planning her 6th bday party to take place in December.

Reese is such a fiesty character. We got her potty trained right after school started. She was so easy to train has only had one or two accidents!!! Now, she is sleeping in her "big girl" bed. She has never attempted to get out of her crib and its still in the middle wrung but I figured she should try it. She loves her big girl bed and sleep really well on it. We basically just put the mattress on the floor so that she gets used to it and its not that far off the ground so if she falls off she won't hurt herself. She loves going to school being in the rainbow class. They had their fall party which is called Farm Day. They basically play fall games and get to go to a petting zoo. She loved petting all the animals. She is taking swim lessons still with the beloved Ms. Cat. We felt that with Riley playing soccer it was necessary for Reese to have some sort of activity as well. She loves it and its so good for her.

Johnny has had such a tiring semester. He has been coaching his U13 boys team (which is doing really well), he coached Riley's team and was the director of the world cup practices, playing tennis, referee assigning, and grading papers. He works seriously really really hard and even though sometimes we don't get to seem as often as I or the girls would like we know he is working so hard for us. He will get a short break and then when spring comes he is going to be coaching so much with high school soccer and his club team but we know he can do it and will love it.

I have been doing well. I turned 32 and celebrated with my family and husband and loved it all. I have been playing a lot of tennis and soccer and still workout all the time. My job as a nanny is still going strong. The kids I take care of are so great and they have a great time playing with my kids. It has been such a great blessing for both me and the kids. Hopefully, when the kids start PreK I will get to stay with them if they stay at the same school. We will see. I am just now preparing for the holidays, Riley's birthday, and hopefully running the Savannah Half Marathon. All in all life is good:)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

End of SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow can't believe our summer is coming to an end. Riley will be starting school August 1st as a full fledge kindergartner. So, I thought I would blog about our summer. Johnny was able to spend so much time at home this summer since I kept on nannying. Riley went to soccer camp with him and to VBS at First Baptist Woodstock. She loved both so much. She also became such a good swimmer. We got her lessons through Mtn. View aquatic center and her instructor Ms. Cat was awesome. She gave her the confidence she needed to become a little fish. Swim team next summer is a must, that was one of the main things we hoped to accomplish with her this summer.

Reese has become such a cool funny little girl. She has lost her baby look and looks so much like a little girl...kinda makes me sad but its so awesome as well. We were hoping to get her fully out of diapers but that hasn't fully happened. She does go a lot on the potty but we aren't fully ready to get rid of the diapers. I am hoping by the time she is 2 1/2 we will be out of diapers which puts us at October. Riley was fully pottied trained at 2 1/2 and I would like her to be there as well. I also toyed with the idea of converting her crib into the big girl bed. Our trip to the beach and having her sleep in a big girl bed made me realize that she wasn't ready. She got up way too much and she ended up sleeping in our bed more then hers. She will be starting school this year at First Baptist Woodstock at their Wee School two days a week (August 16th to be exact), we can't to meet Ms. Rita her teacher.

For our vacation this year my wonderful parent's sprung for a house on the beach at Cape San Blas, Fl. We had a week to soak up the sun and enjoy each other. It was great the water was so calm that kids were able to get in and enjoy it. They spent time in the pool and played hide and go seek with my neice Sami. I was so excited cause I got to see dolphins, sting rays, baby sharks, so many things in their own element. Riley and Reese even held a fish for the first time and actually loved it. The beach was great and very secluded. I would highly recommend it.

Lastly, we found a church that we love. We have started to attend Fellowship Bible Church in Roswell. We were trying to find somewhere that the kids would love to attend, and I think we found it. Especially Reese she loves her class and the teachers that are in her room. She gets excited and asks to go to church. Riley as well as shy is she is she just goes right on in and tells us all that she does and learns. It puts a smile on my face.

So that was our short summer in a nutshell. I hope for Riley's sake we spent the two months doing things that were fun and memorable for her.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Riley "Graduates"

Yesterday was Riley's PreK celebration (although they still have one more week of school). She was so excited practicing her poem and what she was going to say when it was her turn to get her "degree". She woke up so early asking me is it time to go get my degree. I told her the sun wasn't even up yet to go back to bed and I would let her know when. Well needless to say I couldn't go back to sleep so I got up and about 20 min later she comes down the stairs fully dressed and so excited. I took Reese and Johnny met us at the school, so happy he got to take the day off of work for this. They recited a poem and did some songs and dances. Then it was time for the degrees. They all sat while their teacher called their names one by one they went up to the front received their certificate and stated what they liked best about PreK. I was a little worried because Riley can be really shy but she walked right up there and said "the best thing about PreK is that we get to do crafts". I was so proud of her. Every year she breaks a little more out of her shell. Then it was outside for fun and games. The kids got to decorate cookies, make sand art, jump in a bounce house, blow bubbles, spin art, and so many other things. Reese got to participate as well so it was very eventful. After the party we took Riley to Steak and Shake (her choice) for a celebratory lunch. It wasn't long in the car that they both fell asleep.

I can't believe that in two short months I will send her off to Kindergarten. I am not the type of mom who cries at this sort of event, but instead I get so excited for her. Its going to be a great adventure for her and she is so ready for it!!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Reese is TWO!!!

I can't believe that my sweet baby girl is now 2. We had a small party at my mother in law's neighborhood playground. The playground is awesome with so many structures for all age groups. There is also a sand volleyball court and a basketball court. The theme was of coarse Mickey Mouse and the kids ate pizza, played, and of coarse ate cake. Reese got a sandbox from my parent's and tons of sand toys, so we let Reese and the kids use some of the toys on the volleyball court. It was funny the kids played more in the sand then on the playground. Even thought it was super windy the party was a success.

April 5th is actually Reese's birthday falling on Tuesday this year. I didn't have to work and it was Johnny and Riley's spring break so we decided to have a family day for her. We went to Chuck E. Cheese which she loved. The girls played for over and hour winning a ton of tickets and getting candy which was all Reese really cared about. We then decided to go to California Pizza Kitchen for lunch. It was so nice to have a great long lunch. Johnny's mom and grandma actually came as well. When all was said and done Reese passed out. She slept for a couple of hours:)

Everything went well and she had such a great time. I am so blessed to have her in my life and I love her so much:)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day of Answers!

This Thursday I will be going to the doctor to hopefully get the answers that I am so in dire need for. After having Reese I have been spotting for the past two years. My original OBGYN has just changed my pill...Seven pills in two years. I have a ton of cervical issues and my doctor by using the pill was trying to "capture" my period. Um, not working sir. I finally got into to see a female OBGYN in my practice and she took the time to listen to me and to my frustration. She thinks that I might have fibroids or polyps in my uterus. They are going to do a sonogram and then blow my uterus up with water to get a good look. If there is nothing wrong she said then it might be an issue of my estrogen level being too low. It's a mystery but she said that she will do her best to figure out what is causing me to have all these problems. I am just so thankful that she is taking the time to help me out. I have been struggling for two years with this. Its not fun and I'm 31 (still young in my eyes). So, Thursday is the day and I couldn't be happier to have my mom with me to be there for me. She has been to the doctor with me the past couple of visits and has been a huge supporter of what I decide to do. I just can't wait to get in there and see what is going on:)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

It seems to me that everywhere I turn someone is preggers...and all due this August...I guess Thanksgiving was a busy time for a lot of people:). Its fun to see the difference in people who are pregnant depending on if its the first or third. My neighbor and friend is pregnant with her third. She has two older boys 6 and 4 and we do believe its a girl. Her main concern is to get the boys to Disney World fast because she doesn't think they will ever afford a trip once the third comes around. Funny that that is what she is thinking about. Riley's pre K teacher is also due in August. She is young only 24 but so excited. I picked Ry up from school one day and as she was putting her in the car she looked at me and smiled and said she had her first doctor's appointment and did I want to see the picture, of coarse I wanted to. She is so cute because she is bursting with excitement and I love to hear all she has to say about it. There have been so many women at the gym who have said oh that they are having a baby when checking their older ones into the child center. Just a woman today heard me say something to Reese and she told me that is what they are planning on naming their soon to be baby girl.

So, then comes the question to me "are you done or are you going to have a third?" I would like to have another one simply just to hold a baby. I miss that so much. Reese went from infant to little kid in what seemed like a nano second. Then Riley going and getting her Pre K graduation pics taken, it makes me sad. But, I am damaged goods literally and have been advised not to get pregnant. I have so many issues that my doctor is still trying to figure out what to do with me. I am about to see if there is a specialist of some sort that maybe able to help me without having to go under the knife. It stinks, but yet I am greatful for the two lives that I had a hand in bringing into this world and the pure joy that they bring. It does make me a little jealous to hear other people announce they are pregnant however, I did not enjoy being pregnant so I guess that is a good thing for me not to try. It stinks for my good friend Chelsea who does want another one because it seemed after everytime I had a kid she got pregnant and this would be after her trying for several months beforehand. I have already appologized to her!!!

I just wanted to write about this how it seems you know once you get married people ask you when you are having kids. Then you have your first one and they ask you when you are having your second its an endless cycle...I have been asked several times if I had thought about having another one and it stinks to have to tell your situation because it is literally out of my hands. I know there are several people out there that couldn't even have one so therefore I am lucky and I have started to watch how I ask the whole babies question to people I know. I just can't wait to meet these babies so that I can hold them!!!!