Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Turning 30.

I hit a major milestone on Oct, 3rd. I turned the big 3..0. I wasn't in denial, I wasn't upset, it was just weird. When Johnny and I started dating I was 23 and he was 26. I made fun of him for being so closed to 30 and here I was turning 30. The day started off not so great. The night before I was from 2:30 until 5:30 and then up again with the girls at 7:30. Johnny had told me I could sleep in but he had played poker that night and he was up late the night before and had to be in Paulding County for a soccer game which is not close to where we live. I got up and got the girls ready for the day. I took Ry to her soccer game which was a lot of fun. I promised her if she touched the ball just once I would buy her some candy corn. Not only did she touch the ball she actually dribbled a few times. This is a huge difference from the other weeks. I think she is actually starting to like soccer. Her friend Sam scored a goal and it was fantastic. We left right away after the game and bought some candy corn. At home I played with the girls outside while Johnny rested, then it was my turn to rest. I slept so hard even though it was only for a bit. Just enough. Then it was time to get ready. We were having a get together at Pure which is a mexican resturant in downtown Woodstock (there is also one in Alpharetta). We got there a little early along with my mom and dad. They have a fantastic outside patio with couches and a nice bar. We ate chips and salsa and had a few drinks. Some of my friends and their spouses came out as well and had a great time at dinner (recommend the fish tacos) then we ventured back to the neighborhood to a neighbor's house. We had a fantastic time and I have yet to feel any different at 20 then I have ever before. I actually feel like an adult. For my present I was told to go shopping. I bought a few things but not done yet :). My goal is to wear clothes that actually fit me I tend to buy things a little too big just because I have a horrible body image. But, on my birthday day dinner I looked cute or at least I thought I did. I can't wait to finish my shopping. Hope that everyone who is about turn 30 has a blast just like I did.