Monday, December 27, 2010


This month is full of excitement. It always starts off with a bang because its Riley birthday month. She turned 5 this year on December 2nd. I took a cookie cake for her class so they could celebrate her bday with her. We had a birthday party at Miss Mamie's cupcakes on the Marietta Square. All the kids were able to come and enjoyed decorating their cupcakes and drinking apple juice out of water goblets. She insisted that all the kids wear their Sunday best:) I was so excited how it turned out. Then of coarse starts the Christmas season. Johnny and Ry for the past few years have gone tree shopping..usually the Sunday after her birthday. They went this year and picked the best tree I think we have ever had..thanks to Big John's!!! After they get the tree and Johnny hooks it into the stand its our tradition that Riley and I decorate it. Its always fun decorating a tree with a child because they want to stick all the ornaments on one branch and you can always tell how tall they are because the ornaments go as far as they can reach and below:)

Christmas was great this year because Riley understood in great detail what Christmas was truely about...not about us but about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!!! She was so excited about celebrating his birthday.

On Christmas Eve my mother in law came over and we started opening presents with her.The kids were so excited about all their new toys and pj's. It was a great start to what was to come. The kids spread their reindeer food over the lawn, Riley said good bye to her elf "Bonnie", and it was off to bed to await Santa's arrival.

Riley came and got me up bright and early Saturday morning and as she came down the stairs she spotted something that took her breath away. The BARBIE DREAMHOUSE!!!! She was so excited and started playing right away not even noticing what was under the tree. She said I guess Santa thought Reese and I were really good this year. Once Reese was up we started opening presents. She was so excited she got her American girl doll...the one that looks like her and some outfits for it and other toys. Reese did good as well racking up Mickey and Minnie toys...her favorite. We then as a family sang "Happy Birthday to Jesus". Oh my husband was equally good to me this year as well...he bought me the colored nook, my new running shoes (marathon training starts Jan 1) and new soccer shoes. I was surprised by the shoes since I had my last pair stollen and was happy just playing in my tennis shoes. I bought him a document camera to use in his classroom...I hope he finds it usefull.

Then it was off in the snow to my parent's house. Where the kids had even more gifts. My mom made Riley a bed for her doll and its so beautiful and very pink and girly so much like Riley herself. Reese got the dancing star Mickey and was so excited and couldn't stop dancing. We hung out there until Reese woke up from her nap and drove home admiring the snow that was falling.

It was def. a long day as the kids slept in pretty late on Sunday but as soon as everyone was awake I bundled them up and took them outside to go sleding. My neighbor and good friend has two boys and sleds so with my two girls the four of them had a blast...and even took turns going down with Reese in their laps. The day was spent playing with friends and exploring everything that they had received.

I hope that everyone had a great holiday and was able to take a break from the busy lives that we all lead and enjoy good company and reflect on how wonderful life is, and how we wouldn't be where we are today if it wasn't for him:)

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Thanksgiving this year went too fast. We spent it at my mom's house and everyone that came brought two dishes. There was just enough food for everyone to enjoy and hardly any leftovers, this is what my mom was striving for because they were leaving for Ohio the next day. My friend Kim, her husband, and four kids tagged along this year with us and Johnny's mom. It was fun just to hangout and talk while the guys watched football. I made a great Fresh Apple Cake from the Southern Living mag. It turned out so good, everyone liked it!!! I might have to make it again. Once we got home and got the kids to bed I got ready to venture out to the mall. Northpoint in Alpharetta opened at midnight and I wanted to go and get Reese some Mickey Mouse stuff from the Disney Store. She loves Mickey Mouse or Hot Dog as she calls him. I got down to the mall around 10:45 and struck up some good conversations with the people around me. Once the mall opened it was funny to watch the people run to the stores that they were hoping to find some good deals. I was in and out in little over an hour. I got everything I wanted and even strolled around the mall. Not all the stores were opened but hey it made for a good time. I then went to Toys R glad I didn't need anything from there..the line was ridiculous. So, I started back for home and then decided that I couldn't sleep so I might as well hangout with the other people in line at Target. It was 1:45 and Target didn't open until 4. When I left the weather was fine but as I waited I could feel the temp drop and drop. I wasn't dressed all that warm and it wasn't fun sitting on the cold concrete. However, this nice guys standing next to me held my spot for me so that I could go down to the QT to go to the bathroom. Upon my return I found Johnny's huge coaching jacket that basically engulfs my whole body. Well once in, I made my rounds and finished the girls shopping and a few other gifts as well. I got a ton of stuff for 125 bucks. I went home at 6 got three hours of sleep and went out again this time for a quick trip to Hallmark. Riley's bday is coming up and I try to get her bday shopping done as well. Although, this year I already bought her bday gift early as did Santa get her Christmas gift Amerian girl excited to see her face. Anyways it was all good and fun but now I am paying the price because I have a persistant sore throat. The nurse at the min. clinic said its from my immune system shutting down...all I can think of is lack of sleep starting with black friday. Not sure if I would ever do that again:)

Friday, November 12, 2010

A brief update

So much has happened since I last posted something. My husband celebrated his 34th bday and I my 31st. Our bdays are actually 10 days apart. Johnny is gearing up for this semester to be over at Blessed Trinity and I think even though at times its challenging he is actually really liking it there. Let's hope anyways. Riley is doing great in PreK she loves her school and her new friends that she has made. We are actually planning her 5th bday party as of right now. It is going to be tea party/cupcake party at Miss Mamie's cupcakes on the square in Marietta. She is wanting all the kids to get dressed up. So hopefully it will turn out the way that she wants it to. She finished up her soccer season and really enjoyed herself this time around she even score 5 goals this season. It was such a huge difference from last time. We were so proud of her. Reese is so funny! She is such a dare devil wanting to do whatever the big kids are doing. You should see her try to do a cartwheel. She talks up a storm and also loves to play soccer. She has a wicked left foot:) I am thinking of putting her in school next year just because she loves to go to Ry's and sits down waiting for Ms.Catherine (Riley's teacher)to start teaching. We haven't gotten off the bottle yet and I am doomed for that. She drinks juice out of a sippie cup and milk out of a bottle. I told her that we are going to donate them to Santa. Let's hope that it goes over smoothly. I have recently starting nannying again. This time though for a family that lives only like 2 min away from my neighborhood. Its part time for 2 1/2 year old twins. They are great kids and play really well with Reese. I love that they don't mind Riley and Reese being there. Even though Riley is only there for a short time. Its funny because I was referred by a friend of mine who is the children's preschool teacher. I went and met the mom and come to find out they both (husband and wife) played basketball at N. Ga. where I played soccer. We know a lot of mutual people. It goes to show how small this world really is. But, I was rewarded the job and hopefully I can do this for awhile. Well I guess that is it for an update on whats been going on with us. I know I probably missed out on a ton of stuff...this is the abridge version:)

Monday, September 20, 2010

I am just me

So as of late I have gotten the road race bug. I ran the peachtree this past July and did really well finishing it in 48 min...considering the large amount of people and the fact that we started the race in the back (wave s). I had a lot of fun doing it more then I thought I would so my next attempt would be the US 10K...something I have always wanted to to since I started running in High School. My goal was to beat my Peachtree time. While talking to different people at the start of this race they basically told me I should tack on 4 min because the hills are that bad. Well I beat my Peachtree time by a whole 6 mins..and WON my age group. Next I thought well I should train for a half marathon. A full would be too hard with two kids and a husband who is rarely home but half I could do that. There is one scheduled on my birthday (oct. 3) but its downtown Atlanta and I will more than likely have to play tennis etc. So I found one in Kennesaw for Sept. 19th so close to my house with a start time of 7. Plenty of time for me to get home for my tennis match. Well, I have been running around 11.2 (long run) with Reese in the jogging stroller in around 2 hours. I was shooting for bettering that time of coarse tacking on 2 more miles. At the start of the race I got a little antsy and before I new it I was at the front of the pack with a few other runners. Pretty cool since I never have really considered myself a runner, meaning I don't have the expensive shoes, all the running garb, etc. The corase I thought was kinda hard but not manageable. I just kept telling myself you are doing great look at what you are doing. I even passed a guy at the finish and finished with a time of 1 hr. 35 min. What made me feel really good was this girl finished right in front of me and then gave me a high five, I asked her about her running if she does a lot of these etc. She told me she is a cross country coach and logs about 115 miles a week. Then she asked me I said I log about 35. She was shocked and said job well done. Once again won my age group and finshed fourth overall for the girls.

I came home and then had to play 2 1/2 hour tennis match which we won!!!

But, I guess what really bothers me is all of a sudden people are questioning my running since I have been doing well in these races. Like do I do because it keeps me I actually like to run etc. Do I have runners bulimia???? Seriously, people...if you know anything about you you know that I have ran since high school. Was a pretty good runner then. I ran all through out college. I would go on a five mile run after soccer practice it wasn't out of the ordinary to go see me run through the streets of Dahlonega. I was approached by cross country teams of both colleges I went to but didn't accept for one reason cross country is in the same season as soccer. I do admit that I have self body image problem. I will be the first one to tell you that I do. I think I am bigger then what I am etc. But, its nothing I hide. I am the first one to admit I am obssesive compulsive about what I do but I don't harm myself or the people around me. I don't starve myself because of it I eat whatever I want and do whatever I want. I am a fishaterian eating fish maybe once a month. I haven't had a piece of meat since 1999, I don't eat anything fried and I do watch the fat intake. All apart of me being healthy not beause I am sick.

So in part,I just started running these road races for something new to do and I actually enjoy them...which I must be honest I never ran one because I didn't think I would like them and I really don't like running in a crowd. I have come to learn that I still run by myself just like I did when I was younger. I guess I have shocked some people! I wish people wouldn't speculate and if they had a question for me or about me I wish they would just ask. I will answer anything I don't hold any regreats or have any skeletons in my closet. I am just me!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The longest wait!

Saturday of this past week Johnny took the girls along with his mother and younger brother to Indiana to visit family. I stayed behind to do some house work and to "rest" as Johnny put it. Johnny hasn't been alone with the girls for more then 4 hours at a time and I haven't been alone in the past 6 years. Everyone including myself was saying what in the world are you going to do with yourself. The first night (that Saturday) was tough. I cried to Johnny begging him to come home. I didn't want to be here not by myself this was our home and I wanted him and the girls with me. He told me that I needed this that we all needed this and they would be home soon to just take some time to myself. It is now Wednesday night and they are due back tomorrow evening. I can't wait to smother them all in kisses. I have been able to get a lot of stuff done and have put some on the back burner....I did rest of coarse. I love talking to Ry and hearing all the fun stuff that she has gotten to do and then of coarse talking to Reese and hearing her cry when Johnny takes the phone from her. I think when they get home I will wrap my arms around them and hold them till I can't hold them anymore.
On top of it...Johnny and I will be celebrating our 5 year wedding anniversary on Friday. I can't believe that we have been married for 5 years already. It seems like yesterday to me. He means the world to me and has given me the greatest gift in our children that I could ever want. I am so thankful that he puts up with my quirks loves me for me and doesn't waiver!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Praise God!!!

For awhile Johnny has been teetering on the thought of leaving Harrison High School to come teach closer to home. Harrison isn't really that far about a 35 min drive from where we live but when there are plenty of schools near by why not??.. He had only been at Harrison for 2 years and really loved his kids and co-teachers. However, with all the things that the county had been going through with pay cuts and furlough days he was thinking more and more about leaving. The week before Spring Break he had an interview with Blessed Trinity Catholic High School which is literally 10 min from our house. He was offered the job the very next day. The pay is more he is closer to home and the class room sizes are so much smaller. Not to mention instead of his paying getting cut he will actually be getting raises. So he took the job. Upon returnig to Harrison after Spring break he told the principal that he would not be returning which he said the prinicpal wasn't too excited about because he is a really good teacher. He told him that he was still going to be secured a job if he wanted it. Well, more bad news from the county. More jobs being cut....Johnny was called into the principal's office today and was told even though they knew he was leaving the county was letting him out of his contract...meaning jobless. Not only him but several teachers before and after him are getting let go with no job. I couldn't believe it. It gave me chills. So thankful God is on our side and helped him get the interview and job at Blessed Trinity. All you have to do is believe:)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My sweet one year old!!!

This past Saturday April 3rd we celebrated Reese's first bday party. It was cupcake themed and my Mother in Law hosted the party at her new house. She has a great backyard and the older kids were able to run around and enjoy the great spring weather. The food consisted of fried chicken, beans, mac and cheese, broc casserole, pot salad, and fruit. I was so very blessed that my friend Kim was willing and able to help provide some of the food. My parent's also helped. I got everything set up the Friday before so that all I had to do was set out the food and pick up the cake. We had a cupcake pinata that I had filled for the older kids and made goodie bags. They seemed to have a lots of fun. For the cake I went to Super Target and did the cupcake pull apart cake it was in the shape of a giant cupcake in bright pink and purple. If you have seen the pictures on facebook you know she loved it. I tell you though it was a bit stressful making sure that all the little details were finished and making sure that I had enough of everything for everyone. I def. lost several hours of sleep over this party. Not to mention since it is spring my allergies decided to act up and not feeling the greatest sucks when trying to do a bday party.

Monday the 5th was her actual bday and it was funny. When Riley woke up she asked when we were going to go to Gramie's house so we eat cupcakes again since it was Reese's actual bday. I said oh we already did that and I don't think I can do that again for a while. Chuck E. Cheese might have to be called upon to do it next year!!!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

They are on loan!

Yesterday was a tearful day for both Johnny and I. We spent the afternoon at St. Peter Chanel Catholic Church in Roswell honoring the life of Miss Merrill King. She passed away from complications due to Cancer earlier in the week. She had been batteling this disease for the past 6 years. Johnny and I met Merrill when she was 11and in remission. We coached her a few seasons in soccer and what a remarkable young lady she was. Nothing could get her down she was a ray of sunshine. The mass was beautiful and packed with people who loved this child. Johnny and I were both doing well keeping it together until her older sister (who isn't that much older then her) gave the Eulogy. That is when we were both blowing snot bubbles out of our noses. After the mass they had a luncheon at the hall in the church where they had a slide show of pictures set up to music. Again when the baby pictures appeared nothing but tears from me. It hit home really hard for me. Made me want to wrap my arms around my own two girls and never let go. Merrill also has a little brother and the three of them where so close. I had told Johnny that I hope Reese and Riley are like that. After the slideshow was over Johnny and I talked to a ton of people that we haven't see for awhile. We coached several of the girls that were friends and classmates of Merrill and of coarse they were there along with their parents. I told Johnny that before we left I wanted to talk to Merrill's mom whose name happens to be Tracy as well. We were there for a long time the crowd had shrunk and I made my way towards Mrs. King. I hugged her and told her that it was so beautiful. She thanked us both for coming that playing soccer under us was one of Merrill's favorite things and she still talked about frequently. We talked about Riley and Reese because she didn't know we had another baby. She looked at me and said love those kids as much as you can because they are just on loan. Such strong words from such a strong woman!!!