Monday, September 20, 2010

I am just me

So as of late I have gotten the road race bug. I ran the peachtree this past July and did really well finishing it in 48 min...considering the large amount of people and the fact that we started the race in the back (wave s). I had a lot of fun doing it more then I thought I would so my next attempt would be the US 10K...something I have always wanted to to since I started running in High School. My goal was to beat my Peachtree time. While talking to different people at the start of this race they basically told me I should tack on 4 min because the hills are that bad. Well I beat my Peachtree time by a whole 6 mins..and WON my age group. Next I thought well I should train for a half marathon. A full would be too hard with two kids and a husband who is rarely home but half I could do that. There is one scheduled on my birthday (oct. 3) but its downtown Atlanta and I will more than likely have to play tennis etc. So I found one in Kennesaw for Sept. 19th so close to my house with a start time of 7. Plenty of time for me to get home for my tennis match. Well, I have been running around 11.2 (long run) with Reese in the jogging stroller in around 2 hours. I was shooting for bettering that time of coarse tacking on 2 more miles. At the start of the race I got a little antsy and before I new it I was at the front of the pack with a few other runners. Pretty cool since I never have really considered myself a runner, meaning I don't have the expensive shoes, all the running garb, etc. The corase I thought was kinda hard but not manageable. I just kept telling myself you are doing great look at what you are doing. I even passed a guy at the finish and finished with a time of 1 hr. 35 min. What made me feel really good was this girl finished right in front of me and then gave me a high five, I asked her about her running if she does a lot of these etc. She told me she is a cross country coach and logs about 115 miles a week. Then she asked me I said I log about 35. She was shocked and said job well done. Once again won my age group and finshed fourth overall for the girls.

I came home and then had to play 2 1/2 hour tennis match which we won!!!

But, I guess what really bothers me is all of a sudden people are questioning my running since I have been doing well in these races. Like do I do because it keeps me I actually like to run etc. Do I have runners bulimia???? Seriously, people...if you know anything about you you know that I have ran since high school. Was a pretty good runner then. I ran all through out college. I would go on a five mile run after soccer practice it wasn't out of the ordinary to go see me run through the streets of Dahlonega. I was approached by cross country teams of both colleges I went to but didn't accept for one reason cross country is in the same season as soccer. I do admit that I have self body image problem. I will be the first one to tell you that I do. I think I am bigger then what I am etc. But, its nothing I hide. I am the first one to admit I am obssesive compulsive about what I do but I don't harm myself or the people around me. I don't starve myself because of it I eat whatever I want and do whatever I want. I am a fishaterian eating fish maybe once a month. I haven't had a piece of meat since 1999, I don't eat anything fried and I do watch the fat intake. All apart of me being healthy not beause I am sick.

So in part,I just started running these road races for something new to do and I actually enjoy them...which I must be honest I never ran one because I didn't think I would like them and I really don't like running in a crowd. I have come to learn that I still run by myself just like I did when I was younger. I guess I have shocked some people! I wish people wouldn't speculate and if they had a question for me or about me I wish they would just ask. I will answer anything I don't hold any regreats or have any skeletons in my closet. I am just me!

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Clh03uga said...

tell them to shut it. :) I have ALWAYS thought of you as a runner! I were running a lot in high school too! You were the first person I had ever heard of running 10 miles at one time! We're not runners...obviously. Love you girl! Tell them to shut it.