Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Praise God!!!

For awhile Johnny has been teetering on the thought of leaving Harrison High School to come teach closer to home. Harrison isn't really that far about a 35 min drive from where we live but when there are plenty of schools near by why not??.. He had only been at Harrison for 2 years and really loved his kids and co-teachers. However, with all the things that the county had been going through with pay cuts and furlough days he was thinking more and more about leaving. The week before Spring Break he had an interview with Blessed Trinity Catholic High School which is literally 10 min from our house. He was offered the job the very next day. The pay is more he is closer to home and the class room sizes are so much smaller. Not to mention instead of his paying getting cut he will actually be getting raises. So he took the job. Upon returnig to Harrison after Spring break he told the principal that he would not be returning which he said the prinicpal wasn't too excited about because he is a really good teacher. He told him that he was still going to be secured a job if he wanted it. Well, more bad news from the county. More jobs being cut....Johnny was called into the principal's office today and was told even though they knew he was leaving the county was letting him out of his contract...meaning jobless. Not only him but several teachers before and after him are getting let go with no job. I couldn't believe it. It gave me chills. So thankful God is on our side and helped him get the interview and job at Blessed Trinity. All you have to do is believe:)