Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I haven't written in a while and so now is the time to update! Reese is starting to fill out and not look like a new born so much. I can't believe that she will almost be a month old in a few days. I broke down and bought her the dreaded pacifier the other day. I have issues with them. I can't stand when I see a four year old with one in his mouth talking to his mother. How in the world can you understand him with that thing in his mouth. Riley never used one. She self soothed by sucking her thumb which she broke herself of. But, Reese is different just like every other child and needed something. I noticed this when I took her to pick Ry up from school. I had fed, burped multiple times, and changed her before we went. As soon as I got to the school which is ten min from my house she started to scream. I put my pinkie in her mouth and she stopped instantly. Later on that night I left her with Johnny to go take a class at the gym and when I got home he said that when she got fussy she would suck on his hand. With Ry in toe we went to get the paci. I let Ry pick them out and when we got home we gave them to her and you could tell she was so happy to have something. I did tell Johnny though that I would only use them for a few months. I wasn't going to let it get out of control. As of right now they seem to help so that is what is important. Other than that things are good. I am still not sleeping a whole lot. I did stop breast feeding after three weeks because she is a snacker and would be up every hour on the hour to eat. I couldn't take it anymore so I decided to quit. With the formula she sleeps a good three to four hours. I can't complain its pretty good. She sometimes though is up more at night then during the day like a lot of newborns go through getting the days and nights mixed up. She will sort it out. I already started a bed time routine with her so we will see how that goes. I am just so thankful that she is here and that she is healthy and the most beautiful baby that I have seen:)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Almost 2 weeks!

Time flies by after you have a child. Reese is already almost two weeks old. Its strange to think about how long you actually carry something with you and in a blink of an eye they are here and growing so fast. I look at her every day in amazement and then I look at Riley who was just that small yesterday or so it seems and now she is three years old, it just kills me. This week has been a little different since Johnny started back at work. I have handled everything so well. It has been easier this time around then with the first. I don't mind as much getting up in the middle of the night as much as I did with Riley. I actually tend to enjoy it a little bit. I do admit the other night though I don't know if I even slept and don't ask me about Reese because I don't know if she did either. It was a blur. Last night though I was smart skipped the gym and went to bed. It was the best sleep ever. I will post some of the pictures that we have taken of Reese since her arrival. Everyone that sees her says she looks like Johnny more. He finally has his claim to fame since Riley favors me more. Reese is fair and has strawberry blond hair like her dad. Her eyes are even not as dark as Riley's. I know its really early to tell but I am excited that she resembles her daddy. Anyway, you guys can form your own oppinion on that one.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Reese Marie Jackson is here!!!!

So, she is here our little bundle of joy Reese Marie. I wanted to have her over spring break and I truly got my wish. This past Friday evening I felt like I was starting to have a few contractions. Nothing huge just a few. I was also sick and didn't know that if all the coughing was why my stomach was hurting. I contemplated calling the doctor and didn't. The next day Saturday Riley got invited to a friends birthday party over by my parent's house. I was still not feeling good and decided to not to go with Johnny to his step-sister's dinner rehersal for her wedding. Instead after the birthday party I went to my parent's house to have Riley play with my niece and I could relax a little bit. While I was there I started to have contractions and by the advice from my mother I called the doctor. The mid-wife called me back (which I didn't really care for since I never deal with mid wives) and told me to drink two big glasses of water, lay down for a couple of hours, and if they subside then don't call back but if they are still strong then call back because they can't do a c-section unless you are 4 to 5 cent. dialated. Which is a bunch of crock.....because there are several people who don't even dialate and that is why they have to have a c-section. But, regardless I did as she instructed. I was still having them but was kinda scared to call back because I had a feeling that they were just going to send me home.

But, the mid wife told me to come on in and they would check me. When I got here intially my cervix was not fully closed but was a little funky. The nurse could get her fingers in there but I still closed a good bit. They hooked me up to the fetal monitor and told me that as long as I was still contracting then there would be a good possibility of having her. Two hours later they came and did a sonogram to make sure she hadn't turned because her they found her heart beat lower then you would a breach baby but she was still breached and they checked my cervix. Which was now 2 1/2 to 3 cent dialated and I was 80 percent effaced. They called the doctor on call and then came back and told me that I would be having her after mid night because I had eaten dinner.

From seven thirty until twelve twenty I sat in a room and just had a ton of contractions and coughing fits. I was scared of having a c-section while being sick but she was coming and there was no stopping her. They wheeled me back and gave me a spinal block which numbed my whole body, brought Johnny back and in ten min she was here, beautiful as ever. The doctor who by the way had no bed side manor what so ever had told my mom or mom overheard her say that it was a super easy c-section. It was she didn't use staples like I had with Riley which I hated. She used disovable sutchers which were easier for me to stand and walk with.

The only thing I am having problems with now is the coughing. I don't do it as much but when I have to it hurts pretty bad. They have me on Robotessin or however you spell it. It seems to help and I am slowly getting better. I only cough maybe a few times a day but believe me that is enough.

Reese is doing great her white blood cell count was a little high so they put her on a iv with and antibiotic to see if that would level it out, and it has worked. She is so laid back and pretty much eat, sleeps, and poop. She looks a lot like her big sister but fairer an her hair is a little strawberry blond thanks to her father. Perfect!!!!

We should be going home today if everything works as it should.

Reese Marie Jackson April 5, 2009 6lbs 13 oz. 18 1/4 inch.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Well, I went to the doctor this past Monday. He asked me if I still wanted to have a "trial of labor", I said yes unless she was head up. I then asked if he could tell me and he said for sure. He then checked my cervix and looked a little confused. He then put his hands on my belly and said that he thought she was head up. They then brought the sonogram machine in and lubed me up. Before I knew it I was staring at her little face looking right at me. He then said that he would have to wait for the hospital to send out their schedule before he could schedule my c-section. My doctor was really sympathetic and sweet about it because he knew that I wanted to try. But, at this point I am fine with it. I have heard from several different people that the second c-section is so much easier then the first, and i didn't have a hard time at all with the first. I am just glad that I know where she is at and the lump that I feel is actually her head. The doctor said that he would try to schedule my c-section closer to my due date which is April 23 but that history could repeat it self with her coming early like Riley (who was 2 1/2 weeks early).

Since that day I was starting to get congested and have gotten progressively worse as the week has wore on. I even have an ear ache from my sinus drainage which I haven't had one in forever. Being sick is no fun especially when you are preggers and all you can do is take Sudafed and hope and pray that it ends soon. By now I am doing better but my stomach hurts from coughing so much but Reese is a trooper and is moving about to let me know that she is ok. The one good think about being sick is that I haven't been going to the gym. I have taken three whole days off which is huge for me., since I am there usually every day. At least for now I don't have Johnny telling me that I need to take it easy because I am!!!!!

Well, hopefully baby Reese will make her appearance soon and I will keep everyone posted as when she does!