Monday, December 7, 2009

Riley is FOUR!!!

My little baby turned four on December 2nd. I can't believe it how fast time goes. I look at her and remember when my water broke, waking Johnny up at four in the morning scared to death about c-sections and all that entails becoming a first time mommy. But, now I see how smart, beautiful, and joy she is and it makes me smile. She went from a newborn to a little girl a baby to a girl who is starting to read.

For her birthday she decided to have a High School Musical party at the gymnastics arena where she currently takes gymnastics. She wore her halloween costume (high school musical cheerleader),had all the decorations as High School Musical, and the cake from Target was awesome. We had 15 kids there and they all seemed to have a blast. I will tell you that I am so glad that birthdays only come once a year. They can be very tiring especially when people rsvp at the last min.

Reese also had a birthday on the day of Riley's party. She turned 8 months old. She now has 4 teeth and is working on some more. She still isn't really crawling really well she does the army crawl but she gets around. The kid loves to stand wherever she is. She will just stand holding onto something for the longest time. If you pull her away boy she will let you know...put her back!!! The best is that Reese now says ma ma. I will say it and she mimics me and smiles. I love it.

Now that we have a computer fixed thanks to my very smart husband I will hopefully get some pictures I haven't in a long time.