Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas part 1

This year we are having family galore come to us for the holidays which I am totally excited about out. Christmas started this past Sunday we went to church at Northpoint Community where Riley celebrated Jesus's birthday. She then played with her new toy Barbie make up that a friend gave her. Not only did she put the make up on herself but she decided that daddy needed a make over as well. He was such a trooper. Thank goodness the stuff comes off easily. We had another doctor's visit today and everything is good as gold. We are still considering a VBAC or another c-section. I am a good candidate for a VBAC and with the doctors on board we are going to watch how things progress. My blood pressure is really really good and Johnny said that I am going to live forever:). Tomorrow we are going to my parent's house for Christmas eve and then on Christmas day we will do our Christmas and then off to Johnny's mom's house for the rest of the day. Riley's elf Bonnie came down from the North Pole last night for a visit and already put some stocking stuffers in her stocking from Santa. She is really excited to see what Santa is bringing her for under the tree. Her elf would have made the trip earlier but mommy couldn't find her. Then on Friday Johnny's dad and his girlfriend will be here for a few days and then while they are here Johnny's older brother and wife will be visiting as well. We will be very busy for the next few days. Hopefully, I will be able to update this blog as the holidays progress and I will try to post some pictures. Here are some pictures of Riley and Johnny in the make up. I hope that everyone has a safe and blessed Holiday.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Riley's school christmas pagent

Riley attends First Baptist Church Woodstock's wee school and is in their young three's program. This is her first experience with school and has loved it since she started. Today was the school's Christmas program. As soon as I figure out how to post the video I will. Her class joined with another and together they sang three songs. Riley was a tummy ache pretty much all day yesterday, didn't eat much, but still played like a champ. Today she woke up and said she felt fine. I was still kinda worried. She really does not due well preforming in front of other's. Her last ballet class was a parent's watch class and she made us go outside and watch from outside. I told her that I needed to video tape it because her daddy had to be at school due to finals and couldn't attend but that he wants to see her. She agreed. Once the program started she didn't get into the singing like some of the other kids did. She did however, start to get into the very last song which was fine. The whole experience was a cute one and I am so proud of her. She did say she was very nervous because both grammie's were there to watch. 

Once we got back to the classroom we had a Christmas party full of lots of good things to eat. The kids got to eat first and Ry went to town. I was shocked because it was still morning and she hasn't been a big eater lately. Then all of a sudden she wanted to me to hold her, I put her down and she looked at me funny. I asked her if she was going to throw up and another mother heard me and dragged the trash can to her but it was too late. She threw up! Then she did it again but luckily in the trash can this time. I asked her assistant teacher if it was ok if I ran out to the car because I did have a change of clothes for her and she said that was fine. I came back and Ry obviously felt better because she asked for a cup cake. NO WAY!!!! I asked the other mother's if it was ok if we stayed because she seemed fine and didn't want to go. They were fine with so Ry got to open her cool new books and watch her teachers open their presents from her as well. 

The rest of the day is going to be spent a little low key, even though we do have to go to work it will be movie day. 

Sunday, December 14, 2008

So the pictures that were taken at Ry's third birthday party weren't the best. I was too busy talking and making sure everything was were it should have been (except the darn lighter for the cake), and Johnny was too busy throwing himself into the foam pit. It seemed to me that he had more fun then Ry. My mom took the best and I don't have them so I am not going to post them. They just aren't worth it. Tomorrow starts my last week of work and I am actually looking forward to it. I have had a sinus infection for the longest time and I will welcome the break with open arms. I had a funny dream last night that was so weird. It was one of those pregnancy dreams that is just so odd. Like with Riley I had one that she popped out with full teeth and everything asking me to put her back in. This one was a little stranger. I could see Reese's face protruding through my stomach clear as day. I ran to Johnny to show him and the next thing I new I was holding her and she had a full head of black hair asking Johnny to cut the cord. Crazy!!!!! Let's just say I had a hard time going back to sleep after that one.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Riley's Birthday Party

This year Riley decided that she wanted a gymnastics party. I researched local gymnastic places and found a very very reasonable one right down the road GA Allstar Gymnastics. She also wanted to invite all her classmates from FBCW. With that we were only going to invite a few others because I didn't want to break the bank on a third birthday party. Luckily they had a time slot and her party was set for Saturday December 6th from 2-3:30. The gym was awesome. The kids got to to gymnastics for an hour, jumping in the foam pit, jumping on the trampoline, swinging from this rope thingy, playing with a parachute, and a few other activities. We then had cake and opened presents. The cake was great it was red and had a gymnast on the balance beam. This went along with all the red things we decorated in the party room. Yes, Riley's favorite color is red. She got a ton of presents from her friends all the Barbie dolls and princess dolls, and of coarse play dough. The kids got to take home water bottles which I filled with goodies and then it was time to go home. Ry has sorta quit taking naps except for yesterday she passed right out. Johnny had to leave early from the party because he girls had a soccer game at the Polo fields so a great thank you to my mom and Chelsea for passing out juice boxes and cutting the cake. Riley is already planning her birthday next year she wants a High School Musical Party. That will just have to wait until next year. I will post some pictures as soon as I get my camera back from the gymnastics place. In all that went on I left my camera there. Hey, I pregnant and have a terrible cold. Give a girl a break:)

Monday, December 1, 2008


Well Thanksgiving is over with. We had a busy one. First, we went to Johnny's mom house for Thanksgiving french toast. His step dad can make some mean french toast. We stayed there for  a while and Riley got to help Grammie Jenny make her famous sweet potato souffle. Then we went to my mom's house for Thanksgiving Day dinner. My grandparent's were in town from Ohio so it was good for Riley and all of us to spend some time with them. The next day I got up way too early to start my Christmas shopping. I had to get it done with before Riley woke up because Johnny wasn't and still isn't feeling his best. So, there I was waiting in line to get into Target at 5:30. When the doors opened thank goodness I didn't need dvd's or a guitar hero. There were only two of us back at the toys. I was done in 15 min. I did get some good deals however, and was able to snag everything Riley wanted. After Target I ran home just as Ry was waking up grabbed her and off we went. We hit the East Cobb Avenue, Kohl's, Old Navy, and Office Max. Around 12:30 I went home totally exhausted but completely finished. Luckily Johnny slept off some of his illness and allowed me to sleep for a couple of hours. That was the first time I have ever gotten up so early to do the shopping, but I tell ya what its rewarding to be done and not have to worry about it. Now, I can enjoy Riley's birthday which is tomorrow Dec. 2nd, her party the following Saturday, and all the Christmas events that are to come. We had a great break and I am so Thankful and blessed for all the family and friends that I have to. Until next time...PEACE OUT

Monday, November 24, 2008

We had our sonogram today. I am so excited to announce that we are having a another little girl. Just what big sister Riley wanted. Johnny and I didn't care as long as the baby is healthy. So far so good. We decided that her name is going to be Reese Marie and as of right now she weights 8 ozs. The reason why I haven't felt any movement is because my placenta placed itself on top of the baby and its acting as a barrier between the baby and my stomach. Which I was so glad to hear since at my last doctor's appointment they told me that you tend to feel your second one quicker then the first. Which isn't the case with me. However, she was moving around like crazy she even looked like she kicked herself in the head. Very flexable unlike her mother. My parent's came over yesterday and helped me organize the play room and get the fouton out of the baby's room so now I can make room for the crib. OH I AM SO EXCITED.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

We had a family day on the trails. Here are a few pictures.
Riley running around the park!

Mommy's girl!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

So, my dear dear friend Chelsea stated to me the other night that I was the only person in the free world who didn't have a blog. I guess she is right since my husband even has one for the school that he works at. Right now I guess is the perfect time to start one since we have a lot of things happening right now. I am a the mother of the most beautiful little girl ever Riley who turns three way too soon. She will be a big sister in April, as I am 17 1/2 weeks pregnant. My husband is a teacher at Harrison High School (english) and will soon undergo knee surgery to fix his torn ACL from over a year ago. I am hoping he goes through with it, the sooner the better. My job will be coming to end mid December. I am a nanny and have been with the same family for about 2 years now. They have to move and although it will be sorta sad its good timing since I am going to stay home with new baby for awile. Well I hope this is a good start. I am sure I will become addicted to this.