Sunday, June 21, 2009

My dad!!!

Two summers ago I got a phone call from dad, a phone call I will never forget. He said that he had some funny feelings in his arm and he had gone to the doctor who then sent him to a neurologist. The news wasn't good. They told him that he had Parkinsons Disease. The first thing out of his mouth was that it wasn't genetic and that I shouldn't worry about getting it. I didn't care about that. I wanted to take it away so that he wouldn't have it knowing that there wasn't a cure. He had a slight tremor in his arm and wouldn't really notice it unless he was stressed. He would actually would hold his arm down so that people wouldn't notice. Two years later it has gotten progressively worse. His arm now shakes and he can't hold it down and he says that he can feel it slightly in his leg to the point that his calf hurts. However, you can't see it in his leg. This diesease has so many facets to it its unreal. The doctors said that he could have gotten it because he grew up on a farm and drank well water. If only he hadn't. The good thing is his spirit. My father has the best humor and spirit of anyone I know. He is very very laid back and lets life come at him as is. He isn't the type to say woo is me and just keeps going. He in fact is still working and is going to continue until he is unable to maintain his balance and so forth. I love watching him with my kids the girls just love him so much. My wish would be that there would be a cure for this before he gets really bad so that holding my baby wouldn't be an issue for him. Right now he is cautious but once he gets comfortable he holds and you know she just loves him. I love him as well and hope that there will be many more father's days ahead for him.