Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Thanksgiving this year went too fast. We spent it at my mom's house and everyone that came brought two dishes. There was just enough food for everyone to enjoy and hardly any leftovers, this is what my mom was striving for because they were leaving for Ohio the next day. My friend Kim, her husband, and four kids tagged along this year with us and Johnny's mom. It was fun just to hangout and talk while the guys watched football. I made a great Fresh Apple Cake from the Southern Living mag. It turned out so good, everyone liked it!!! I might have to make it again. Once we got home and got the kids to bed I got ready to venture out to the mall. Northpoint in Alpharetta opened at midnight and I wanted to go and get Reese some Mickey Mouse stuff from the Disney Store. She loves Mickey Mouse or Hot Dog as she calls him. I got down to the mall around 10:45 and struck up some good conversations with the people around me. Once the mall opened it was funny to watch the people run to the stores that they were hoping to find some good deals. I was in and out in little over an hour. I got everything I wanted and even strolled around the mall. Not all the stores were opened but hey it made for a good time. I then went to Toys R Us...so glad I didn't need anything from there..the line was ridiculous. So, I started back for home and then decided that I couldn't sleep so I might as well hangout with the other people in line at Target. It was 1:45 and Target didn't open until 4. When I left the weather was fine but as I waited I could feel the temp drop and drop. I wasn't dressed all that warm and it wasn't fun sitting on the cold concrete. However, this nice guys standing next to me held my spot for me so that I could go down to the QT to go to the bathroom. Upon my return I found Johnny's huge coaching jacket that basically engulfs my whole body. Well once in, I made my rounds and finished the girls shopping and a few other gifts as well. I got a ton of stuff for 125 bucks. I went home at 6 got three hours of sleep and went out again this time for a quick trip to Hallmark. Riley's bday is coming up and I try to get her bday shopping done as well. Although, this year I already bought her bday gift early as did Santa get her Christmas gift early...an Amerian girl doll....so excited to see her face. Anyways it was all good and fun but now I am paying the price because I have a persistant sore throat. The nurse at the min. clinic said its from my immune system shutting down...all I can think of is lack of sleep starting with black friday. Not sure if I would ever do that again:)

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Yes huh....next year we should play together. :-)