Friday, May 20, 2011

Riley "Graduates"

Yesterday was Riley's PreK celebration (although they still have one more week of school). She was so excited practicing her poem and what she was going to say when it was her turn to get her "degree". She woke up so early asking me is it time to go get my degree. I told her the sun wasn't even up yet to go back to bed and I would let her know when. Well needless to say I couldn't go back to sleep so I got up and about 20 min later she comes down the stairs fully dressed and so excited. I took Reese and Johnny met us at the school, so happy he got to take the day off of work for this. They recited a poem and did some songs and dances. Then it was time for the degrees. They all sat while their teacher called their names one by one they went up to the front received their certificate and stated what they liked best about PreK. I was a little worried because Riley can be really shy but she walked right up there and said "the best thing about PreK is that we get to do crafts". I was so proud of her. Every year she breaks a little more out of her shell. Then it was outside for fun and games. The kids got to decorate cookies, make sand art, jump in a bounce house, blow bubbles, spin art, and so many other things. Reese got to participate as well so it was very eventful. After the party we took Riley to Steak and Shake (her choice) for a celebratory lunch. It wasn't long in the car that they both fell asleep.

I can't believe that in two short months I will send her off to Kindergarten. I am not the type of mom who cries at this sort of event, but instead I get so excited for her. Its going to be a great adventure for her and she is so ready for it!!!

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