Sunday, October 23, 2011

Falling Into Fall!

We have been so busy and have had so much fun this fall!!! Riley just finished her fall soccer seasn scoring several and I mean several goals. She has become such a good soccer player, from season to season. She has truely enjoyed school and being in Kindergarten. We attended her fall festival/mega party which she sold enough cookie dough to get into the party for free. Earlier in the year she received the great award of Kindergartner of the month. She got her picture on the wall in the school, in the All Around Woodstock magazine, and she got to say the pledge at school. To top it all off her bottom front teeth are loose. Its crazy how fast she has grown up and now we are planning her 6th bday party to take place in December.

Reese is such a fiesty character. We got her potty trained right after school started. She was so easy to train has only had one or two accidents!!! Now, she is sleeping in her "big girl" bed. She has never attempted to get out of her crib and its still in the middle wrung but I figured she should try it. She loves her big girl bed and sleep really well on it. We basically just put the mattress on the floor so that she gets used to it and its not that far off the ground so if she falls off she won't hurt herself. She loves going to school being in the rainbow class. They had their fall party which is called Farm Day. They basically play fall games and get to go to a petting zoo. She loved petting all the animals. She is taking swim lessons still with the beloved Ms. Cat. We felt that with Riley playing soccer it was necessary for Reese to have some sort of activity as well. She loves it and its so good for her.

Johnny has had such a tiring semester. He has been coaching his U13 boys team (which is doing really well), he coached Riley's team and was the director of the world cup practices, playing tennis, referee assigning, and grading papers. He works seriously really really hard and even though sometimes we don't get to seem as often as I or the girls would like we know he is working so hard for us. He will get a short break and then when spring comes he is going to be coaching so much with high school soccer and his club team but we know he can do it and will love it.

I have been doing well. I turned 32 and celebrated with my family and husband and loved it all. I have been playing a lot of tennis and soccer and still workout all the time. My job as a nanny is still going strong. The kids I take care of are so great and they have a great time playing with my kids. It has been such a great blessing for both me and the kids. Hopefully, when the kids start PreK I will get to stay with them if they stay at the same school. We will see. I am just now preparing for the holidays, Riley's birthday, and hopefully running the Savannah Half Marathon. All in all life is good:)

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