Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Over a month old!!!

As of last tuesday Reese was a month old. I can't believe how time flies. We are trying to get her used to sleeping her crib. There is improvement everyday with that. Can't wait until she sleeps through the night. I know its early for that but a girl can wish.

For mother's day Johnny gave me a kid free weekend. I was so excited I got to go off and do whatever I wanted. I went to the gym and played cardio tennis. I also got to go to the outlet mall with my mom. We were there forever but it was nice getting to go into any store I wanted and not listening to whinning. Ry usually is a great shopping partner but sometimes its rough. The next day Sunday I went running on the trails that are near my home and then took Ry with me to the Avenue. That was fun until my husband called reminding me that we were suppose to eat dinner in 15 min at his mom's house. I dropped everything I was doing and flew over there for a great dinner. So there was my mother's day weekend. It was so nice.

I also had my post partum appointment today. I am done having kids physically (Johhny and I have talked about adopting in the near future)and wanted to know about my options for birth control. Well the doctor first said we have to check your cervix by dialation to see if we can even insert an iud or the coils. Let me tell you people that was not fun. I think that was the first time I ever said ouch several times at the OBGYN. When he said slight pinch and cramp that is what I thought it would be. WRONG!!! It hurt for another 30 min after the fact. Well I have a condition called cervical stenosus or something rather, I can't spell those medical terms. Which simply means my cervix has narrowed and they wouldn't be able to insert any form of birth control. So back on the pill I go. I must say I was some what disappointed but oh well. It is what it is.

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