Sunday, May 31, 2009

Summer time!!!!

Thursday was Rileys last day of preschool for the year. SAD!!! Her class had a great party beach themed and very fancy. The kids left with so many goodies it was sick. When I got home I literally had to make two trips to the car to carrying everything in. For the party I said that I would make cookies. I would like to share my Marth Stewart momment with everyone. I asked Riley what kind of cookies she would like mommy to make she said something with m-n-m's basically her favorite candy. So, I thought it would be neat to make the cookies and spell the kids name in the candy. Great idea until I started making them. Riley has some really long names in her class so needless to say some of the cookies where HUGE and I mean HUGE. Hello one of the names is Baileigh Jo. They were so big that when Johnny came home from school that day he laughed at me yes laughed at me. I was so upset because they took me so long to make. I then wrapped them in plastic wrap and put name tags on that I had made off of clip art (cute little fish bowls since they were the goldfish class). I was scared to take them to the party because I didn't want the parent's to laugh at them. The kids however, loved them. They thought they were neat especially because they had their names on them. One little boy ran up and hugged my leg and told me thank you, which made me feel ten times better. Even the parent's loved them. I will never make them again. Next time I will just use their first initial. All that matters is that the kids liked them and the party was great.

Friday was Johnny's first official day of summer. It was great we went out to the neighborhood pool and Ry had a blast. She is really loving the fact that her daddy is home. He hung to moon in her eyes and is totally her hero. I love the fact that he takes such an interest in her life. She also had her last dance lesson that day for the summer and she actually jumped up and down when he walked through the door. It was such and AWE momment.

We are trying to plan for a trip to Florida and have been offered the use of a FREE stuido apartment right on the beach (New Smyrna). It is super close to my brother and sister and law and I think it would be great for us to get away as a family. We weren't able to go anywhere last summer because Johnny was finishing up getting his masters at KSU and then was pressed to find a job, plus I also found out I was preggers then. Johnny however, thinks it won't be a vacation because of the baby. He thinks that she is too young. I think this is the time we should go she eats, sleeps, and poops. She does have her fussy time but it only last no longer then an hour and its usually because she is overly tired. Mommy likes to keep her outside and in the fresh air and sometimes she has a hard time taking a decent nap. I think we should go its FREE!!! We would be insane to pass it up.

That is about it for now. Reese is almost two months old (this friday) and is doing great. I am doing well as is the rest of the fam. and will post more as the summer goes forward. I am so excited for the warm weather and what this summer is going to bring.

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