Thursday, January 1, 2009

The holidays

Oh my gosh. Christmas this year was crazy with all the toys, toys, and more toys. It really looked like Santa puked on our house. Ry was just so happy with everything that she got and I do believe that she appreciated all of it. We had about three days of opening presents which to me was just exhausting. The opening went on right up until New Years Eve when Johnny's dad and his girlfriend left our home and headed back to Indiana. We spent New Years Eve just hanging out the two of us. I watched the locator on WE network and bawled my eyes out for two straight hours. I tried to shut it off but this guy just is so warm hearted and really wants to reconnect these loved ones. Oh you should watch it if you want to cry. I was able to get my New Years kiss and then off to bed. Now we have Johnny's older brother and his wife and two dogs to go and visit. After taking down all the Christmas decor we are heading over his mom's house for dinner.

I am starting to have really bad acid reflux which probably means that Reese has hair. I suffered through this with Ry when I was preggers with her. It just comes with the territory. I try not to eat chocolate but come on I am preggers and its just so good. But, thank you to saltines and sprite my two new best friends. I have my glucose tolerance test on Friday which I am not looking forward to but know that I only have to suffer for a little while. Then its my first doubles tennis match of the season on Sunday. I played the other night and did really well. I think Reese maybe a tennis player and Ry a soccer player. That would be sooo cool. But, anyway once I get a chance to look through the camera hopefully I will be able to post some holiday pictures.

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