Saturday, February 21, 2009

A stressful week!

Well Johnny finally had his surgery. We got up really early last Monday and I drove Johnny to Harrison so he could get some final work done and then we drove down to Emory Sports Medicine where he was to have his surgery. They took him back at 10:30 for pre op. They told me that it would take a total of 2 hours starting around 12. I left him with a kiss and had to go get some lunch. I came back thinking that it would soon be over but 3:30 rolled around and the lady at the front desk told me he was still in surgery. I couldn't believe it I was so tired and there were only three magazines in the whole place. I think I got my fill of CNN for a life time. Finally they told me that he was out and that I would be able to go back in few. When I did he was in a lot of pain. The doc. said his knee was a mess. They were able to repair his menscus with a few stitches and that is why it took longer then they thought because it was totally flipped forward. He also started to have a bit of bone damage. So needless to say it was bad. But around 5 we finally left for the the trek home. I set him up a bed in the living room and got him situated thank goodness for percocet. My mother in law also brought over a twin mattress for him to use if need be. Riley uses it more to practice her gymnastics!

Tuesday was a rough day for me. I went to the gym and then hurried back home to check on Johnny. I couldn't leave him for long lengths of time because he would need help getting to the bathroom, etc. At the same time Riley decided to drag out every toy imaginable from the front closet into the foyer. Everytime I went to clean it up Johnny would call for me to help him. I started to hate my name Traci. Couldn't be it Helen or something for a few min. I went to go sit in my bathroom just for a few min to take a break I was starting to get exhausted. It doesn't help that I am about to pop out another kid.

Wed. was a little better so I guess. I had to get up super early in the morning get Riley up dressed, breakfest and all that jazz. Then I had to do the same for Johnny plus myself. All of us got in the car and off we went down back to Emory so they could check out his knee. They said that it looks great and everything should start to heal really well. He starts to do physical therapy next week and needed to start putting weight on it. They still didn't want him to shower until Friday. I washed him a little bit but not too much.

Thursday was when everything started to really wear me down. Johnny decided he wanted to get of the house for a bit to go to Riley's gymnastics class with us. He hadn't been off of the couch in a while and I agreed it would be good for him. I got his clothes changed in into the car. While we were there I triped over his crutches while carrying Riley and fell. I hit my head up against the wall and landed straight on my knee cap. I thought I was going to die it hurt so bad not only that but I was worried about Reese that she was ok. I held back the tears until we got into the car and then bawled my eyes out because it hurt it so bad. Luckily Riley decided she wanted a nap so when we got home I iced my knee and cried myself to sleep. Needless to say it wasn't as bad as I thought just a bad bruise.

Friday...everything is getting easier. It mainly has been rough because of being pregnant. But, he was able to get up the stairs even though I had to help wash him. I drove to Canton twice in order to get him a handicapped parking pass so now he can start to attempt to drive. I am starting to get a cold which is probably just because I am worn out but once again if maybe I would stop going to the gym and take a breather it would be ok. But, that isn't my mind set it never has been. We went to Harrison last night so he could coach the jv soccer team. It was sooo cold but luckily being the coach's wife I got to sit in the press box with Ry, but forgot that I had to carry the sleeping three year old down the bleachers and back to the car which I was reminded by my mother that I should not be doing. But, who else is going to do it.

Hopefully, as Johnny regains strength it will get easier. I go to the doctor this coming Monday for my 32 week check up and I am hoping that everything is ok. I feel bad because with everything that has been going on I feel as if I have neglected Reese. I try to talk to her as much as I can but sometime I forget until I feel her move then I am reminded of her.

Sorry about the long post it has just been a stressful week!

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Natalie said...

Aww, I'm so sorry you've had such a rough week!! Hopefully this coming week will be a whole lot better :) I'm glad they took care of Johnny's knee so he can be on the mend now and hopefully by the time Reese comes he'll be feeling really good. You try to take it easy as much as you can! You know you need to take care of yourself too. Love you!!