Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Down to two weeks!!!

I went to the doc yesterday and I am now down to going every two weeks. They haven't checked me yet to see if she is head down or not. I am thinking it maybe my next appointment because if she is not and they think she isn't going to turn then I am going to schedule my c-section. Baby Reese is going strong and has a great heartbeat. Riley got to hear it for the first time and got really excited she can't wait for her baby sister to come out. I also really appreciate all the comments from people stating how small I am. It makes me feel great about the way I have taken care of myself. I only hope and pray that I can have a V-Bac. I really really want to try. Even though I hear from other people all the time that I am nuts for wanting to go through it all but I honestly feel if I can that I should give it a try. I experienced labor with Riley and experienced more pain playing soccer then I did with her labor.

Not only being pregnant, but I am also dealing with Johnny and his knee. He is gearing up for surgery for next Monday. If all goes well then hopefully he will be up and back to normal in no time. We should see:)

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Christopher, Alicia, and Avery said...

I haven't seen any cute belly pictures! I know your adorable pregnant but would love to see some cute belly pictures:)