Saturday, February 5, 2011

It seems to me that everywhere I turn someone is preggers...and all due this August...I guess Thanksgiving was a busy time for a lot of people:). Its fun to see the difference in people who are pregnant depending on if its the first or third. My neighbor and friend is pregnant with her third. She has two older boys 6 and 4 and we do believe its a girl. Her main concern is to get the boys to Disney World fast because she doesn't think they will ever afford a trip once the third comes around. Funny that that is what she is thinking about. Riley's pre K teacher is also due in August. She is young only 24 but so excited. I picked Ry up from school one day and as she was putting her in the car she looked at me and smiled and said she had her first doctor's appointment and did I want to see the picture, of coarse I wanted to. She is so cute because she is bursting with excitement and I love to hear all she has to say about it. There have been so many women at the gym who have said oh that they are having a baby when checking their older ones into the child center. Just a woman today heard me say something to Reese and she told me that is what they are planning on naming their soon to be baby girl.

So, then comes the question to me "are you done or are you going to have a third?" I would like to have another one simply just to hold a baby. I miss that so much. Reese went from infant to little kid in what seemed like a nano second. Then Riley going and getting her Pre K graduation pics taken, it makes me sad. But, I am damaged goods literally and have been advised not to get pregnant. I have so many issues that my doctor is still trying to figure out what to do with me. I am about to see if there is a specialist of some sort that maybe able to help me without having to go under the knife. It stinks, but yet I am greatful for the two lives that I had a hand in bringing into this world and the pure joy that they bring. It does make me a little jealous to hear other people announce they are pregnant however, I did not enjoy being pregnant so I guess that is a good thing for me not to try. It stinks for my good friend Chelsea who does want another one because it seemed after everytime I had a kid she got pregnant and this would be after her trying for several months beforehand. I have already appologized to her!!!

I just wanted to write about this how it seems you know once you get married people ask you when you are having kids. Then you have your first one and they ask you when you are having your second its an endless cycle...I have been asked several times if I had thought about having another one and it stinks to have to tell your situation because it is literally out of my hands. I know there are several people out there that couldn't even have one so therefore I am lucky and I have started to watch how I ask the whole babies question to people I know. I just can't wait to meet these babies so that I can hold them!!!!

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Clh03uga said...

HAhaha...{referring to the part about me}. You are a great mom, and have two precious blessings. Maybe God DOES intend for you to mother another child just in a different way. ??? :) Love ya!